Botany Department, one of the Science Departments of Mandalay University, has trained the students to become efficient persons who are interested in plants.

In 1958, the University of Mandalay had four faculties – Faculties of Arts, Science, Agriculture and Medicine. In 1964, the faculties of Agriculture and Medicine were carved out from UM to become separate Universities. Formally, the Botany and Zoology are under the Biology Department and later Botany became the separate Department. The foremost Professor is Dr Than Tun.

The microbiology students have also joined the Department and they can contribute the knowledge of microorganisms. The efficient students are allowed to attend the undergraduate (B.Sc., B.Sc. Hons.) and postgraduate (MSc) program. For undergraduate program, not more than 50 excellent students per year were allowed.

In postgraduate program maximum 20 students in each courses are accepted and trained. PhD Program was started in 1998. B.Sc Degree for Microbiology Specialisation started in 2004. PhD Program started in 2012. All the students must be well-qualified in their former Universities and must pass the entrance examination to get an acceptance for admission in Botany of Mandalay University.


The objectives are to produce the Degree-holders who are equipped with knowledge and understanding in Botany including the importance of plants, structure and function of various plant groups related to the various environment. They will possess the ability to conduct the basic scientific research works, to analyse problems and efficiently integrate into their specialised field of research works. They are trained to have the ability to organize the knowledge of recent findings of the world and contributing to the academic improvement. Students are interested in practical works of researches to support the needs of academic studies and to success in finding of nationally applicable outcome. They are interested in environmental awareness and have the ability to exchange knowledge.

Programmes Offered

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Postgraduate

Research Areas & Interest

  • Floristic Study & Monographs
  • Plant Anatomy
  • Palynology
  • Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding
  • Plant Diversity & Environmental Study
  • Algal Diversity
  • Medicinal Plants

Research Interest

The main interest is the research works on diversity of plant groups and their  taxonomic identification to achieve the information on plants resources of Myanmar (Flora of Myanmar). Taxonomic studies on various plant groups ” Algae, Byophytes, Mushrooms, Pteridophytes and Angiosperms”  are one of the major research works. The morphological, anatomical, palynological, cytotaxonomical characteristics are based for systematic studies.

For  the environmental research works the limnology of natural lakes, the vegetation and plant community structures of natural forests are selected, explored the data, and calculated the value that practically useful in further application of that area.

In microbiologial reaearch works endophytic microorganisms and pathogenic microorganisms are isolated and characterized. The root nodule bacteria that live as symbiotic association with host legumes and cyanobacteria  that can occur as free living organisms are isolated and studied their biofertilizer effects on cultivation of various crops.

The diversity of algae is studied by research works of algal flora in various habitats like soil, fresh water and hotsprings.

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Dr. Yee Yee Nu
Professor - Department Head
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Dr. Nu Nu Yee
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Dr. Nu Nu Yee

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