Since 1947, Mandalay University College has offered Philosophy Subject. At that time Philosophy was affiliated to Psychology as a Subject. In 1964, they became separate subjects.

In 1986, they stand separate Departments respectively. Philosophy Department offered both the undergraduate and post-graduate programs. The PhD programme has first been offered in 2003-2004 Academic Year.


  • To be recognized Myanmar Philosophy and Myanmar way of thinking by the circle of World Philosophy


  • To produce high quality graduates as well as post-graduates and doctoral degree
  • To create a conductive and student-centric environment to advance teaching and learning
  • To provide opportunities for advanced learning and life-long learning
  • To foster sound, creative and wisdom-loving intellectuals through critical introspection on various philosophical problems of human beings and human society

Programmes Offered

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Doctorial

Research Areas & Interest

  • Philosophy of Culture
  • Eastern Philosophy
  • Western Philosophy
  • Buddhist Culture
  • Myanmar Philosophical Thought
  • Ethics & Aesthetics
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Dr. Tun Shwe
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Our Faculty

Dr Myat Mon Oo
Professor and Head

Dr Myat Mon Oo

Dr Myat Mon Oo is the current Professor and Head of Philosophy Department, University...