Daw Gin Lam Dim



Name                                       –           Daw Gin Lam Dim


Occupation                              –           Lecturer, Department of Law, University of Mandalay


Education                                –           LLB, LLM


Research Interests                   –           Myanmar Customary Law


Teaching Subjects                   –           Myanmar Customary Law and Child Law of Myanmar


Published Research                 –

  • Study on the Custom of Ashao Chin, Pyay University Research Journal, Vol. I, 2009
  • Study on the “Rights of Kittima Child” under Myanmar Customary Law, Mandalay University Research Journal, Vol. IX, 2018


Email                                       –           gldim1973@gmail.com

Daw Gin Lam Dim
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Department of Law, University of Mandalay
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